Ways I can help

Counseling & psychotherapy for relationships, lifestyle change, anger, anxiety, depression, fears

Problem Solving

Some people want help thinking things through. They want to set goals, come up with a plan, then carry it out. Goals can include: a better marriage, more self-discipline, a healthier lifestyle, anger management or many other things.

Counseling and psychotherapy for relaxation, calming, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, creativity

Calming & Relaxation

Some people want to learn how to relax and become less reactive in their daily lives. There are several techniques that help accomplish this. We can find the best one for you and help you integrate it into your daily life. 

Counseling & Psychotherapy for anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, relationships, grief, lifestyle

Depth & Trauma Therapies

Deeper therapy helps address personal difficulties at the core. We humans tend to develop habits, some of which were adaptive at other times in our lives. Sometimes, these adaptations exact a cost in our current life. I help people discover the nature of their self-defeating habits so that they can be cast aside. Once these personal blocks are dissolved, most people rediscover their natural legacy: enthusiasm, creativity and spontaneous adaptation to the demands of life.